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About Us

The Storage specialists Snider & CIA. S.A. was founded in 1996, currently is one of the Leading Companies in domestic market, specialized in providing Storage and Logistics services. We provide solutions designed according to specific needs of our customers. We offer storage services for goods entering the country and are in the process of nationalization, up to complete this process in our facilities – as authorized customs warehouse –, additionally, warehousing and inventory management of domestic goods and already nationalized.

We are mainly focused to companies dedicated to import finished productswishing to deal with the marketing of their products >or "outsource" the management of their inventories, with the purpose of improving their results and become more efficient in their dispatches and deliveries.


SNIDER & CIA. S.A. provides services of storage of goods subject to customs control or domestic goods and inventory management, designing logistic solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

It remains at the forefront of infrastructure and technology development, provides efficient services, complies with the legislation and defends the good business practices, likewise, the return expected by its shareholders.


In 2017 Snider & CIA, S.A. will continue with the leadership in management of goods under customs control and inventory management not only in our facilities but in the facilities of our customers as well.

Be recognized in the market as specialists in managing storage and distribution of customer goods, rendering an integral service.

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